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5 star hotel in Alsace

The  ***** Hotel des Berges is situated in the heart of the small village of Illhausern, in Alsace, between Colmar and

Strasbourg, in the garden of the Auberge de l’Ill.  Marco Baumann and Danielle, his wife, have created the spirit of an Alsatian farm with its tobacco shed, particular to this area of the Ried.

Eight bedrooms, four suites and the Fisherman’s Cottage will immerse you in a country ambience of Havana scents.

Staying at the edge of the Ill river to find again authenticity mixed with the real pleasure of a family’s tradition…this you find at the 5 star hotel, where each bedroom has its own decor, its own ambience.

And once looking outside…you feel like at home.

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  • 5 star hotel on the border of the Ill, in Illhaeusern between Colmar and Strasbourg
  • 8 rooms and 4 suites with a unique decoration
  • The fisherman’s cottage, a little house on the border of the Ill
  • 3 star restaurant L’Auberge de l’Ill
  • Bar, ambience Havana
  • breakfast on the river
  • Wi-Fi free
  • elevator
  • animals accepted
  • garden and terrace
  • art exhibition
  • meeting room
  • outside parking or underground garage
  • bicycle and canoe rent
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Before having dinner

The outside gets into the quiet ambience of this house that takes on the scents of Havana.  You are at the bar of the Hotel des Berges.

The moving willows are reflected in the mirrors…… have a seat and relax.

Photo - Petit-dejeuner

Breakfast on the Ill river

The Hotel des Berges proposes  breakfast in the dining room or in your room. Christophe Fisher, pastry chef at the Auberge de l’Ill, prepares the pastries each morning for the hotel.

Dirk Giselmann and Jean-Paul, best workman of France, create the cold meats ‘fromage de tete’ and the “country terrines” from the famous recipies of the Haeberlin Family.

In the summer season, these rich cold meats are replaced by Parma ham and melon, accompanied by fruit salad and freshly pressed orange juice.

If by chance, you fancy a breakfast on the Ill river, the Hotel des Berges proposes that the boatmen from ‘Illhausern association’ take you on an hour long trip on a punt to savour your breakfast on the river.

This special edition ‘breakfast on the water’ was created on the occasion of the 8th birthday of Salome, Marco and Danielle’s daughter.